This tutorial shows you how to model a petal flower in Blender


1°) Make the petal

To begin the flower, you must have a mesh cube for the petal.

You reduce the size of your cube on the side (numpad 3) with the S key


Select the 4 low vertices and  reduce the size on x

Select the 4 top vertices and reduce i too on x


Then add faces to build your flower petal
With the E key to extrude


Add any loop  ( ctrl R ) with the wheel of your mouse, you can add several at once ( add 3 loop)

move slightly in the X direction  whit S + x and the mouse button

( look at the pictures below)



In the face mode, select 4 face above and below

Select Proportional editing enable and in proportional editing falloff

 Push the green arrow to move your vertices (or face)


return in vertex mode and select the vertices of the middle of one side or the other of your mesh

and push the green arrow to move your vertices


In objet mode soften the faces of your mesh

 return to edit mode to move the vertices of the mesh, until the petal is perfect.

   Tutorial following : Make a flower (2)


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